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Hummus Ingredients Ā½ cup Tahini To taste Lemon juice 1 can Chick Pea 1 tsp Salt Olive Oil 2 cloves Garlic, crushed Spices (optional) Instructions Put 1 can of chick peas into the blender. Add crushed garlic. If you want it spicy, then you can add more. Add the tahini. Tahini is ground sesame seeds.… Continue reading Hummus

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Mr. & Ms. Beans

Common beans/legumes are used as pulse and green vegetables. Beans vary in color, size, flavor, texture and have high nutritional values. And there are hundreds of mouth-watering beans recipes those are healthy and tasty. ADZUKI/AZUKIĀ BEANS BLACK BEANS BLACK EYED BEANS BUTTER BEANS/ LIMA BEANS CANNELLINI BEANS CRANBERRY BEANS FAVA BEANS/ BROAD BEANS FLAGEOLET BEANS GARBANZO… Continue reading Mr. & Ms. Beans